Atlantic Canada – Prince Edward Island

We continue with our Canada series, and this time we explore beautiful pastoral Prince Edward Island. It’s the smallest province in Canada in terms of both size and population, and one of the three Atlantic maritime provinces — the other two being Nova Scotia and Newfoundland & Labrador. In 1873 PEI gained independence from England and joined the Confederation (of Canada), although the United States tried to entice it to join them. PEI claims to be the ‘Birthplace of Confederation’. 08 June 2011.

Nova Scotia or New Scotland

After doing the Prince Edward Island circuit, we overnight in New Brunswick before crossing the border into Nova Scotia, the only colony named in Latin (New Scotland) by James I of England (also known as James VI of Scotland) in 1621. By the way, the land was claimed by John Cabot of Genoa in 1497, when he was under the commission of Henry VII of England. 09-10 June 2011.