Pamukkale, the Cotton Castle (Part 1)

It’s a very cold day as we gingerly step into the slippery pool at the beautiful ancient white travertine terraces of Pamukkale, the Cotton Castle. Barefoot, but the 35°C water makes our feet happy, till we have to leave. February 2013.

Hierapolis of Phrygia (Part 3)

We continue with our delightful stroll along the main street of Hierapolis, the ancient Greco-Roman city founded 2nd century BC, taking in all the sights and real history it has to offer. February 2013.

Hierapolis of Phrygia (Part 2)

A stroll through the Greco-Roman ancient city of Hierapolis, founded in 2nd century BC. A wonderful site to observe ancient Greek and Roman architecture first-hand. February 2013.

Hierapolis of Phrygia (Part 1)

We travel to Denizli, about 240km southeast of Izmir, to visit the famous Pamukkale sites of the ancient Greco-Roman city of Hierapolis and the White Terraces. February 2013.

Arrival in Izmir, Western Turkey

This is the start of our 11-day independent adventure around Turkey, taking us to eight places, as far away as southeastern Anatolia at the Syrian border. Our first ever visit to this much-mentioned country, I hope it won’t let us down! February 2013.