Labuanbajo in Flores, and Denpasar Airport

Labuanbajo is a small town located at the western tip of Flores island at the centre of the huge Indonesian archipelago. Its claim to fame is being the gateway to the islands of Komodo and Rinca, where the famous Komodo National Park is located, home of the Komodo Dragons. Anyway, the area around Labuanbajo also boasts of pristine islands and beaches, plus spectacular snorkeling and diving sites. (September 2014)

The Home of the Komodo Dragons

We finally make it to the home of the awesome Komodo Dragons. We fly from Denpasar DPS to Labuanbajo LBJ, located at the western tip of Flores island in central Indonesia. The 90-min flight from Bali is memorable with the sights of menacing, but enchanting, active volcanoes along the way. (September 2014)

Bali, Island of the Gods

We do a quick one-day tour of northern Bali, while en route to Komodo National Park (500km to the east, near Flores island). Renting a car, we make quick stops at the icons of Bali — Pura Besakih or Mother Temple of Besakih, Kintamani with its picturesque (but dangerous) volcano Batur and lake, and finally sunset at the ever-romantic Pura Tanah Lot. (September 2014)

Tengger Caldera and Mt Bromo

Late afternoon arrival in Bromo from Surabaya. The next morning, pre-dawn jeep ride and trek up Mt Penanjakan (2800m) for a splendid sunrise view from the Tengger Caldera rim. Then a ride down into the huge sandy caldera itself to climb Mt Bromo (2300m) — standing precariously on its narrow crater’s rim for an unforgettable experience. Here’s the video.

Bewitching Bali

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On the Black Slope of Mt Merapi

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Climbing an Active Volcano

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