Russia and the Baltics, April 2012 — Collection of Stories

This is a collection of 7 stories on the trip we did 06-16 April 2012, covering St Petersburg, Helsinki, Tallinn, Riga, Vilnius and Moscow. We flew Emirates from Kuala Lumpur, with a brief lay-over in Dubai, destination St Petersburg. From there, we flew to Tallinn by Estonian Air, where we also did a daytrip to Helsinki by Tallink Silja ferry. Then with Air Baltic to Riga and Vilnius. From Vilnius we re-entered Russia by travelling to Moscow with Aeroflot. We also used Aeroflot to return to St Petersburg to catch the Emirates flight back to Kuala Lumpur.

The Island Castle of Trakai, Lithuania

A visit to Trakai, an old capital of Lithuania, where the beautiful 14th c. Island Castle was built. Trakai is also the spiritual home of the Karaite people, who were taken here from Crimea in the 14th c. They practise a faith which is a mix of Jewish and Islam, and now there are only 250 of them left. 14 April 2012.

The Medieval Old Town of Vilnius, Lithuania

The Old Town of Vilnius, founded 1323, is the third well-preserved medieval city in the Baltic States. Together with Tallinn and Riga, this old town is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Lithuania was the last pagan state in Europe to be converted into Christianity. 14 April 2012.