Norway, October 2011 — Collection of Stories

A collection of 10 stories on the trip we did 12-19 October 2011, covering Oslo, Bergen and Tromso, and of course everything in between. Highlights were the scenic Bergen Railway, the fjords, the Arctic, and chasing the elusive Aurora Borealis – the Northern Lights.

The Arctic City of Tromsø & the Northern Lights

A visit to Tromsø in far north Norway, 350km past the Arctic Circle. Interesting city, just a mere 2000km south of the North Pole — same latitude as Northern Siberia and Alaska, yet very modern and liveable. At the same latitude in the south, this city would have been on Antarctica. Polar explorer Roald Amundsen prepared his expeditions here. Highlight is the hunt for the elusive Aurora Borealis. 15-17 October 2011.

The Hanseatic City of Bergen, Norway

Our short visit to the ancient city of Bergen in Oct, 2011 . Founded in the 11th century, now Norway’s 2nd largest city with 390,000 people. The old Hanseatic quarter of Bryggen is a must-see, while a trip up Mt Fløyen via the Fløibanen funicular is also highly recommended. Beautiful city, indeed!

Norway-in-a-Nutshell: Myrdal to Flåm (The Flåm Railway – Flåmsbana)

The second leg of our Norway-in-a-Nutshell excursion is the 20km train trip from Myrdal to Flåm with the famous Flåm Railway (Flåmsbana). This scenic ride is 20km long and the altitude drops from 860m to sea level. It’s the steepest standard-gauge rail line in Europe, connecting the high mountains and Aurlandsfjord.

Norway-in-a-Nutshell: Ål to Myrdal (Bergen Railway)

We continue our scenic Bergen Railway journey from Ål to Myrdal, passing by Finse, made famous as ice planet Hoth in “Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back”. Surreal white rocky mountains and glacial lakes are everywhere. In Myrdal, we change to Flåm Railway, another scenic train ride down to the fjords.

Norway-in-a-Nutshell: Oslo to Ål (Bergen Railway)

Doing the Norway-in-a-Nutshell excursion from Olso to Bergen, this story is the segment from Oslo to the highland town of Ål. It is located midway between Oslo and Bergen along the famous Bergen Railway.