The City of Jeju

Jeju City, with almost 450k people, has been the capital of the island of Jeju since time immemorial. It is served by an international airport and the Seoul-Jeju air route is the world’s busiest — in 2012, seven airlines served this route, carrying a total of 10.2mil passengers. Jeju Island is blessed with natural beauty and this has been exploited by building other tourism-related ventures. As such Jeju is a very popular holiday and honeymoon destinations for Koreans, and lately for foreigners as well. August 2013.

The Volcanic Island of Jeju (Part 3)

Our third and final Jeju’s World Heritage Site item is the Manjanggul Lava Cave. Several hundreds of thousands of years ago, lava flowed out of the huge magma chambers underneath present-day Jeju — some entered caves to flow like thick liquid in a pipe. Manjanggul tube is the remnant of such a cave. August 2013.

The Seoul B-52

Korea > Seoul >War Memorial December 2010 This is truly a pleasant surprise. On a fine bitterly cold morning last week, we took a walk…