Nenana and the Alaskan North Pole

After the unforgettable Denali experience, we drive from Healy to Nenana, enroute to North Pole, via the George Parks Highway. A stop in Nenana to spot the legendary Alaska Railroad train fails, but the log cabin and Santa Claus House in North Pole delight us! (September 2015)

Visiting Denali but the ‘Tall One’ Hides

We are at Denali village, the gateway to the world famous Denali National Park, an American icon. The morning starts with less-than-stellar weather as we make our way to the township at the entrance to this great national park. We are heading deep into the park, and snow is forecast. This should be fun. (September 2015)

Leaving Anchorage and into the Alaskan Wilderness

Autumn of 2015, and we embark on another epic journey — a self-drive tour of Alaska, doing the Anchorage-Denali-Fairbanks-Glenallen-Seward-Anchorage loop, via Routes 1, 2, 3, 4 and 9 (not necessarily in that order) for a total distance of 1700km. This story is the first part of the journey — the very scenic 400km leg from Anchorage to Denali National Park. (September 2015)

New York City Walkabout

We spend a few days in New York City, exploring Manhattan by foot. It’s a sure way of discovering this diverse and wonderful city. (November 2013)

Niagara Falls, USA

USA > New York State > Niagara Falls . After publishing my recent story about Niagara Falls, Canada (see HERE), I thought it’d be appropriate…

RETRO: Hiroshima and Enola Gay

[ originally published at ] Tuesday, 6th November 2008 RETRO: Hiroshima and Enola Gay Last week Brig Gen Paul W Tibbets, Jr, died at…

RETRO: Hiroshima and Enola Gay

RETRO: Hiroshima and Enola Gay Almost 3 years ago Brig Gen Paul W Tibbets, Jr, died at 92 years of age. Source: Salt Lake Tribune…