Chengdu (Part 1): En Route

China > Sichuan > Chengdu

Aboard Flight D7-2626, Thursday, 21 Jan 2010

After grounding ourselves for 3 months due to house-moving, we kick off our 2010 Travel Season with a trip to the city of Chengdu, capital of Sichuan Province in Central China.


Late evening over heavenly Thailand is … ummm … equally heavenly.


Golden sun rays bounce off the clouds below us.


At 38,000 feet, how magnificent can it get?


Even a pretty-hard-to-impress traveler like me pays serious attention.


Our AirAsiaX Airbus A330-300 (reg. 9M-XXB) cruises effortlessly, at almost full load of boisterous Chengdu-ese returning home after a Malaysian vacation.


A less-than-straight flight path to Chengdu from KL. We land at 10.00pm, but reach our hotel midnight, thanks to the lady cab driver who takes us to a wrong hotel (communication problem!) even when she does 120km/h around Chengdu – an unplanned night drive through the city’s brightly-lit, wide boulevards.



8 Responses to “Chengdu (Part 1): En Route”

  1. jam says:

    Is there any in flight entertainment? Last time I flied China Air to Chengdu from Singapore.

  2. naim says:

    AirAsia X has a decent IFE. As usual pay extra, and it’s activated. Flight progress as shown above is a free channel.

  3. Yusoff says:

    Doc, the first pic, I can see you blurred the shops name… hmmm.. wonder why.. no free ads in your blog, eh?

    I guess the flight path took you from KUL and flew across Penang before making another small turn heads to BKK. Normally BKK-bound flights from PEN took a left turn after taking off runway 04.

  4. naim says:

    No lah, not blurred intentionally, just that the signs were overwhelmed by surrounding bright lights.

    Yes, same airways as KUL- BKK flights.

  5. zai says:

    En Naim, bumped on your site while searching info on Chengdu. Nice travel blog. Plan nk pergi Chengdu dlm masa terdekat ni mungkin dalam Dec. Kalau bole nak minta tolong sket, nak tau pasal currency mereka. Saya konfius Currency mereka lebih rendah atau tinggi dari Msia? kalau pergi 4d 3n berbekalkan RM1000 kita cukup ka? thanks in advance!

  6. naim says:

    China uses Renminbi/Yuan, now ¥100 = RM47.00. Budget hotel room about US$30-50/night, search on the internet for good deals, like at Food, allow RM10-15 per person for lunch/dinner if in proper restaurants. Normally travel by cabs, budget RM100/day.

  7. lynn says:

    En Naim,

    so informative…thanks…nak tanya, gi chengdu boleh fee & easy, senang ke kalau tak pandai cakap cina?

  8. naim says:

    Lynn, yes we did Chengdu free & easy — no package tour, all independent travel. Knowledge of Mandarin would help, but we managed without it.

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