Climbing an Active Volcano

The current global interest in volcanoes has prompted me to repost our very own volcano hike. Please find below all three tales of our 2008 climb of Mt Marapi, an active 2891 m (9485 ft) volcano in Sumatra Barat.


09-13 March 2008 > Indonesia > Sumatra Barat

Climbing Mt Marapi

Atop a Volcano

The Smoking Crater


8 Responses to “Climbing an Active Volcano”

  1. jam says:

    I had myself been to a volcano crater in Bandung, Java, Indonesia in March. I did not hike a lot to the top. But walked down from the top to one of its smoking craters. Nice experience indeed!

  2. kawaii neko says:

    guess that’s the perahu terbalik! Tangkuban prahu, right? Some of the ladies inthe group walked down and up in skirts! The raspberries sold along the road were sooo delicious- sweet,juicy and fresh.

    Nice shot the intro in some adventure movies..

  3. naim says:

    No, that’s Mt Marapi, 2891m, the most active volcano is Sumatra, located near Bukittinggi in Sumatra Barat.

  4. kawaii neko says:

    sorry, i mean jam’s `walking down the crater’ trip 🙂

  5. RL says:

    Hi there. Stumbled upon your blog when I googled “Jakarta Timur”.
    Nice blog. Thumbs up for the youngsters for climbing the volcano!
    Just a small correction here: it’s Mount Merapi not Marapi.

  6. naim says:

    Thanks, RL. Actually the correct local name is ‘Marapi’, it’s in Sumatra Barat. There’s a also a ‘Merapi’ in Java. Both very active stratovolcanoes.

  7. Ramesh Dahal says:

    The correct name of that place is ‘Marapi’ it is located at Sumatra Barat.

  8. DFL - aka Cruiser says:

    Stunning silhouette there Naim… incredibly timed, well done!!! 🙂

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