Nepal > Kathmandu

September 2012

We made our maiden journey to Nepal on 13-18 September, 2012. The late-monsoon weather somewhat put a damper, but nevertheless we enjoyed the charms of Kathmandu and its friendly people.

The missus touched base with old pal Mahes, a resident in an inner western suburb of Kathmandu, which culminated in a traditional Nepali dinner at his house, with wife Sumitra and daughter Niva.


Kathmandu is truly a destination for travellers. Please watch the slideshow below, in HD 720p for best experience. Thanks!




  1. Am going to Ktm w Ar Harris ( ex adelaide) & his wife to attend ARCASIA, asian architects annual meet.and we are going to give them a guitar show too ­čÖé

  2. Great stuff, bro, kirim salam kat Harris. If you have time, take plane to Pokhara – can see the majestic Himalaya up close, weather permitting. ­čÖé

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