Global Green Challenge 2009: Darwin Solar Cars Flag-Off

Australia > Northern Territory > Darwin

Global Green Challenge Darwin-Adelaide 2009
25-30 Oct 2009

A Slideshow of the Flag-Off in Darwin on 25 Oct 2009 (80 pics)

To begin slideshow, please mouse over image to retrieve control panel at the bottom, thanks.


More info here:

2 Responses to “Global Green Challenge 2009: Darwin Solar Cars Flag-Off”

  1. Great pics. Well done. I did a blog post about solar car racing you might be interested in (5 Reasons to Love Solar Car Racing):

    Until 2011!

  2. naim says:

    Thanks, Doug, sorry for late release of your comment – got stuck in ‘spam’ for some reason. Yes, excellent 5 reasons there too! 2011, we’ll rent a car and follow them all the way to Adelaide, with a detour to Uluru. 😀

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