Kuala Lumpur to Kuching with Malindo Air


Saturday, 23 March 2013


Malindo Air is Malaysia’s newest airline with the tagline ‘Not Just Low Cost’. It seems to be positioning itself between full-service carrier Malaysia Airlines, and low-cost carrier AirAsia.  To experience what this means, I got myself a promotional ticket of RM38 for one-way flight Kuala Lumpur KUL to Kuching KCH, whose service starts today. In fact I am on the second flight for the day — I skip the first ever KUL-KCH flight earlier today because it’s just too early for a non-morning person like me.

So here’s my story of today’s flight from KUL to KCH. Remember, Malindo Air started operations only yesterday with Kuala Lumpur KUL – Kota Kinabalu BKI service, and today they start KUL – KCH flights. It’s a brand new carrier with brand new Boeing 737-900ER planes, the latest model in the 737 family … and that is incentive enough! Not bad for an airline only announced just 19 months ago.


We are full of anticipation … only the printer wouldn’t print the boarding passes, so the supervisor comes over.


Otherwise smooth check-in for all.


We are on the second ever KUL-KCH flight. Skipped the first one — too early for me.


Waiting to board, and the crew is being relieved — they just arrived from KCH, the first service.


Business class seats — looking supple and pliant.


Our class, equally supple and pliant. No kidding, it really is comfy, better than MAS’s and AirAsia’s.


Boarding in progress — cabin is permeated with this plasticky smell — new-plane-smell if you ever know one. I prefer new-car-smell any time.


Looking at the back of the plane, still empty — for some reason they board first 20 rows. Maybe the trainee got confused?


The much-mentioned inflight entertainment — pretty good actually.


And the even much-more-mentioned legroom. No argument, one of the best in the world for similar class.


Finally, ready for push-back and start.


Everybody is also ready and comfortable, I am at Seat 20A.


Heading for Runway 32R at KLIA.


Safety demo, so far so good.


Posing for Anjung Tinjau spotters.


At Runway 32R for take-off.


Climbing …


… and climbing, initially to 29,000ft. Nice shiny wings.


Big bold black arrows on the wing.


Inflight entertainment system — not too crowded with contents. Just nice for short hauls.


Settings — intuitive and simple.


TV shows.


Adele is still hot.


Below screen, extreme left, at the display casing, we have small (3.5mm) jack for normal headphones, unknown receptacle (for gamepad I presume) and USB for charging.


Snack is served …


… included in my RM38 ticket, so can’t complain much.


Cool stuff above our heads.


We have company while cruising above the South China Sea.


Descending into Kuching Airport.


Losing height rapidly.


On finals for Kuching Airport Runway 07.


Kuching International Airport KCH.


A splendid afternoon here in Kuching. What a pleasant joyflight we just had from Kuala Lumpur. I think Malindo Air is seriously going to give both Malaysia Airlines and AirAsia a good fight, which should be great for us consumers.


Bye-bye, till we meet again tomorrow evening for the return flight to KUL. :)



Footnote: The return leg OD1621 on 24 March 2013 went exceedingly well — here’s a slideshow of  photos taken during the flight.





Here’s a video of the above flight OD1608 on 23 March 2013. Please view in HD, thanks!


HD video of the return flight OD1621 on 24 March 2013 is here.


17 Responses to “Kuala Lumpur to Kuching with Malindo Air”

  1. FAZRIE says:

    Mcm best jer…!!…Free Laggage 15kg..Free Meal….

  2. akublues says:

    i was on the same flight as you, seated at the emergency row seats.
    facing the same problem as you too, but mine was resolved almost 45 minutes after that.
    totally agreed with you, the seat was very comfy compared to other airlines.

  3. naim says:

    Hello fellow traveller, not bad for an airline which was only announced 19mths ago, and I’m pretty impressed. I still remember the horrors of the early days of AirAsia. Once their aging B737-300 had a technical problem and we were delayed many hours in Tawau. And the ‘free seating’ grab-your-seat period — that was best forgotten. 🙂

  4. mal berkat says:

    Plz 4wrd ur blog about OD 2 KarenLow@malindoair.com Head of Sales & u might be 1 of blogger that entitle 4 free return OFFICIAL maiden flight 2 KCH from KUL 😉

  5. honey says:

    nice one. wanna try soon.

  6. firdaus says:

    best flying report ever. huhuhu
    can i take one of your picture please???

  7. naim says:

    No problem, just acknowledge source, thanks. 😀

  8. dory says:

    hi there,

    very detailed info, May i use your photos and also translate your article to chinese to be published on one of my blog about Sarawak?

    thank you.


  9. Zara AB says:

    A friend of mine who went for a FAM Trip with Malindo Air recently made her review on her blog as well. But what attracted me is definitely one of her line saying that “There is NO HOT seats in Malindo Air, ALL seats are HOT”. Nice review anyway. InsyaAllah gonna get myself a chance to try Malindo Air one day.

  10. Norazah says:

    Will fly with Malindo air soon!

  11. naim says:

    Thanks for the tip, bro mal berkat, but not too keen lah. I remain independent. 🙂

  12. bartmp8 says:

    Bro Naim,

    I like to share your trip report to We Are Aviation Lovers



  13. naim says:

    Hi bartmp8, long time no hear! Pls do, thanks.

  14. ani khalik says:

    kak, is it not dangerous when the phone is on during take-off and landing, dont it might interfere with the navigation system, this shows that malindo is not strict enuff like mas, as airasia too is not to strict on this too, i saw alot of ppl still on the hp during that time in airasia as the stewardess and steward were too relaxing on this. dangerous bah

  15. cruzer says:

    Thanks so much for capturing & sharing some of the best moments of your travel on this airline – really insightful!

  16. naim says:

    Glad you find it interesting 🙂

  17. lulu says:

    i love your report on malindo. helpful! esp the close-up on the usb/earphone display casing 🙂

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