Portugal > Lisbon

May 2014

We did a trip to Portugal during May 12-19, 2014, with destinations denoted by the red dots below. We landed in Lisbon, and rented a car to drive to the other spots.

As mentioned our first (and last) stop was Lisbon, an interesting city full of character, and immensely rich in history and culture. Portugal was a world power in the 15th-16th century, during the golden Age of Discovery, and Lisbon was the launch-pad.

These are the slideshows of our walkabouts during the time in Lisbon. Please watch in HD 720p, thanks!

LISBON (Part 1)

LISBON (Part 2)


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  1. Tqvm Mr Naim for the lovely sludeshow. I enjoyed it. Wished my DH is as adventurous as you.

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