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September 2015

(This is Part 3 of the Alaska series, please CLICK HERE for Part 2.)

As we reluctantly make our way out of amazing Denali northwards via Parks Highway (that’s the only road anyway), I look forward to our next stop — a small town called Nenana — with the hope of touching base with the legendary Alaska Railroad (ARR).

Nenana is a tiny town of less than 400 people, but was very important during the Fairbanks gold rush of the early 1900s. The town is a key supply and rest point for people traveling from the south to Fairbanks and back. It reminds me of the caravanserai along the Silk Road. The streets have cute names too, such as this A Street.



FOR THE FULL STORY PLEASE GO TO : https://nytrips.wordpress.com/2018/09/16/alaska-nenana-and-a-north-pole/



  1. Assalam En Naim,

    I keep coming back.. just fall in love with Denali. I never been to USA and I have few odd questions. Feel free to ignore if it’s too personal.

    1. Are you based in US?
    2. Where is your starting point for this trip- I meant before you flew to Anchorage?
    3. How much it cost for a family of 3 for the whole trip?

    Terima Kasih Encik Naim.

  2. Hello, I’ll try to answer your queries:
    1) We live in Setia Alam, Shah Alam.
    2) We actually travelled from KL to Tokyo, then to Washngton DC, ending in Philadelphia. Then we travelled to Anchorage for this Alaskan trip before going to Seattle, Silicon Valley and back to KL.
    3) Budget depends very much on # of pax, flights, duration of trip, types of accommodation, car rentals, meals, transport, fees/tickets, etc. I suggest you research to come up with your own itinerary and accurate costing. We do independent travel.


  3. Hello Naim,

    it is another great trip report. “Bear Encounters” was very informative! :)…you know “how the make world travel” 🙂 I hope your vacations never be ends, we expecting much more places… if it’s remains… hehe 🙂
    all the best wishes


  4. Thanks for your note, my friend. I’m suspending updates on this blog till I can figure what to do with pics with dead links. Problem is I put my pics on Picasaweb but recently Google discontinued Picasaweb, and placed all pics on Google Photos. As a result, direct links to pics might be altered, rendering some pics from my blog to disappear! The hard way is to edit all the blog entries with blank pics, but that’s tedious.

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