Australia > Pacific Ocean Coast

03-06 June 2012

In early June we did a quick trip to Australia, specifically to drive Highway 1 (along the Pacific coast) from Sydney (New South Wales) to the Gold Coast (Queensland). With this road-trip we can claim to have travelled by road all the way from Perth (Western Australia) to Rockhampton (Queensland) along the Australian coastline, for a total distance of about 6000km. We did the other stretches between 1982 and 2011.


We picked up a rental car upon arrival at Sydney Airport from Kuala Lumpur, and started heading north. It was indeed a pleasant and scenic 1000-km drive to Coolangatta in the Gold Coast, stopping at Newcastle, Port Stephens, Port Macquarie and Coffs Harbour. Unfortunately we skipped Byron Bay due to lack of time. We left the rental car at Coolangatta Airport and caught a late night flight back to Sydney. The next morning we left Sydney to return to KL.

For pictures of the journey, please watch slideshow, preferably in HD 720p.