Indonesia > Komodo National Park

September 2014

We finally make it to the home of the awesome Komodo Dragons. We fly from Denpasar DPS to Labuanbajo LBJ, located at the western tip of Flores island in central Indonesia. The 90-min flight from Bali is memorable with the sights of menacing, but enchanting, active volcanoes along the way.

From the airport we go straight to Labuanbajo harbour where our boat is ready to take us on a spectacular 2.5 hour ride to Komodo National Park, located on Rinca Island. Excellent weather coupled with calm sea make it a truly enjoyable boat-ride with freshly-cooked lunch served onboard. The scenery along the way is simply fantastic.

On Rinca, the Dragons themselves do not disappoint us. Being so close to one of the most fascinating and fearsome creatures on earth is a very memorable experience. The island of Rinca itself is paradise for nature-lovers.

Definitely a very worthy journey to Komodo Dragon country!


Please view in HD.

(For the trip to Komodo National Park, we used the services of Mr Ignas Suradin,,



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